Friday 13th


Set up my blog ages ago but have never really got chance to do much with it but it’s here so i’m going to pick up up again!

Today is a bad day. My whole body hurts and what doesn’t hurt is on fire. It’s the kind of day where I could do with childcare, a large dose of amiltryptline and 12 hours sleep. Unfortunately due to the tummy bug the girls have come down with I can’t send them to the childminder so they are at home.

Been to the doctors this morning to sort out a letter to go with my disabled students allowance form and to discuss Cait. Cait’s been under the paediatrician since she was 6 months old when they finally accepted that she and Clara had a dairy intollerence. Trouble is Cait’s continued to suffer from diahrea regularly, has constant wind, sleeps loads, drinks loads and is very small for her age. She was discharged from the paediatrician early in the year but things have gotten worse and worse really.  Asked the GP to speak to the peadtrician and she agreed that it would be worth doing blood tests. So this morning after I spoke to the GP and cleaned up the explosion in her pants we took her to the hospital for blood tests. Just need to wait now and at least the GP has seen what we’re dealing with.

In a way cealiacs would be a nightmare but at least it would explain what was going on. They’ve also checked from immune deficiencies, blood glucose levels and blood count so we will see.


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