Gosh, what an exciting blog!


Today I bought a bike! A proper one – it’s got a bell and pedals and gears and not a motor in sight. Sick of sitting in traffic jams all the time spending money we don’t have on diesel. I am however now laid up in bed feeling the effects but i’m sure i’ll get there.

From very early on I realised that cycling hurt less and seemed to take up much less energy than walking but having kids made cycling a big challenge. Now in desperation i’ve purchased a bike, child seat and a trailer and I hope I can manage it – even just doing the school run on the bike would be great. Hopefully the trailer will come quickly so we can get going.

I’ve got an interview on Friday for a company who want me to do some temporary work in learning disability and mental health care homes in Bradford. Got the list of stuff for CRB checks, medical checks, right to work in the UK checks and driving licence checks and it’s an epic list of stuff to find – oh and don’t forget the £44 for the CRB check. Ug! I’ll come up with the goods though because I really want to work.

That’s your’ lot for today folks.



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