What My Motability Car Means to Me


Since I got my first car on motability I was able to learn to drive. Before that there is no way i’d of been able to afford the automatic car I needed and it’s really difficult to get lessons from automatic instructors as they are few and far between.

Having the twins and not having a car was a nightmare. I used to have to rely on charities and care workers to take my daughter to school and a simple trip into town involved me arguing that my double buggy wasn’t 2 buggies and was therefore allowed on the bus. Going further afield involved taking a single buggy and a sling and having CFS meant I had to recover for several days afterwards.

Now i’ve passed my test and we have a car through the motability scheme I am able to do things which previously I could have only dreamed of. Taking my daughter to school, taking the kids swimming and to the park, going on holiday and most importantly WORKING! Without my car I wouldn’t be able to do any of these things, my health would be severely impaired and I would still be requiring care workers to do everything for me. We’re talking a £500 a month saving.

My worry now is that my health has improved and I’m really scared they will take away my mobility allowance and I’ll be back to square one again – the only reason my health has improved is because I have the car which has had an amazing impact on my physical and mental health and given me and my family our lives back.

It’s not about free BMWs for the relatives of disabled people, it’s about giving people and their families the chance of a normal life, the chance to be independent and the chance to enjoy life. There will always be a small minority who abuse the system but there are thousands in this country who do not.


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