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DLA Renewal Form Has Landed


I didn’t realise it was so long since I updated this!

I’m now employed as a support worker for 3 ladies who have learning difficulties and I’ve been there for 6 months. I love the job but it’s not all a bed of roses and looking at my preious posts, it’s confirmed everything I thought was wrong with the care sector.

Needless to say I worry aout how my work will look on my DLA form. How can a disabled person do that kind of job! Nowhere on the form will I be able to put I take 6 talets 4 times a day, that if I need to do more activity I need to take more tablets and that I still have to sleep for 2 hours a day normally and on my days off I’m left bed bound. You read about Sue Marsh and think if she can’t get it what hope is there for the rest of us.

You hear stories of people you consider to be far more disabled being turned down and I often think I’m a fraud and shouldn’t claiming anything. That said no DLA means no car and that means fighting with social services to get someone to take the kids to school and nursery and giving up the job I’ve spent 4 years trying to get.

In the meanwhile for the ladies I support, there are trials ahead. Their transport to placements are to be got rid of. Local authority daycare provision is going and  placements people have gone to for years and years will be no more. Care managers are making decisions without seeing clients which are quite frankly dangerous and in the words of my manager – someone will die. Some of our clients we have been told could be left alone. These are people who have less understanding than my 6 year old – I would be locked up if I left her alone wouldn’t I.