Today – the day I admit defeat


I have been going around in circles since September trying to get someone to look at my back. Referrals have gone missing or have been sent in only for them to turn round and say they can’t help me because i’m too complex a case and should be seen by a consultant. In the meantime the pain has got worse and worse to the point where I can barely walk. I went for a massage yesterday and she felt that I definitely hae sciatica and possibly a slipped disc.

The problem with a diagnosis of CFS is that whenever you are seen for something they don’t know how to deal with you. I’e fallen asleep in the waiting room after physio before now so it’s fair enough I guess. All the time i’m being told to go back to the CFS serice which is miles away and who have said they can’t help me as I successfully mange my condition.

My manager has been great. I have rung in sick and she’s going to get me an urgent referral to occupational health to see if they can speed things a long.  GP has put in another referral to Harrogate Hospital which I hope won’t take too long. In the meantime i’m up to my eyeballs in painkillers and totally reliant on Adam who is having a tough enough time at work without me adding to the stress.



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