an update


Thought i’d best do an update. Went to the hospital on Friday and was told I have something called lordosis and basically my spine is curving excessively. It’s curable but I need to loose weight and do lots of exercise. Only problem is my CFS as i’m in the top 40% of sufferers and struggle to do much other than lying in bed most of the time. I’m worried that the twice weekly exercise classes are going to knock me out. Now it looks like it’s unlikely i’m going to be able to go back to work because the pain meds are making me really foggy and i can’t care for others in this state – especially with the exercise classes. I’m facing the fact that for the time being i’m going to be best off using a manual wheelchair to get around. At the moment i’m struggling to walk so avoid doing it which isn’t helping. At least in a wheelchair i’ll burn off some calories. All isn’t bleak. I got a second hand powerchair a couple of weeks ago so i can get into town without the car, I have an interview at a nearby care home for an activity co-ordinators job tomorrow 🙂


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