Monthly Archives: March 2012

Just want to work :(


A few weeks ago now I saw a job advertised for an activities coordinator in a local care home. I applied and got the job. I handed in my notice and have just finished 2 days of induction for the new job. The snag is that after 2 days induction I am in huge amounts of pain, I feel appalling and I know in my heart of hearts there is no way I’m going to be able to do this job. I feel awful, I feel like I’ve let them down and led them on. Worst of all I don’t know where to turn for help and money is really tight. 

I really want to work. It really helps my self confidence but in my heart of hearts I now know that whatever job I do will require me to use a wheelchair. My pain is out of control again but the MSK physio has dumped me on a waiting list for an exercise class and hasn’t returned my telephone calls. Any suitable jobs out there are going to former social workers who have either been made redundant by cutbacks or who have left due to stress and I’m stuck because I’m not sure I could manage to do a full time degree – the part time ones are designed for people who have a job to for fill the placement requirements.  I have a place to do a full time course in Youth Work from September but there is no childcare. 

If this government is serious about getting people back to work then they need to create more jobs, they need to ensure that employers are forced to consider the job they have on offer and make it clear if that role would be suitable for someone who has a disability and as i’ve said time and time again proper vocational training needs to be available to people like myself who need to upskill to enable them to stay in the work they have experience in. We need to encourage people to become childminders and cut the stupid amounts of paperwork (personally couldn’t give a flying f about profiles – I just want my kids to be looked after and cared for). More funding needs putting into welfare rights – I have no idea right now where to turn for help and I really need some emotional and practical support. 

Why mess with the system when there are no jobs I don’t know