Monthly Archives: February 2013

Making Marks


I have always loved drawing. As a kid I would sit and draw my ideal homes. They were never great but I enjoyed drawing them. Tonight, for the first time in a long time I sat down to draw. I had great fun the other day going around the shops buying new materials to try and tonight was the first time I’ve had chance to get my hands dirty.

I started out making marks with a variety of materials. These included pastels, graphite pencil, sketching pencils, charcoal and pens. I doodled and played around on smaller sheets of paper. After this I got out some bigger paper and had a play with larger movements, watching which materials worked well together. I then used what I had learnt to draw a tree using a combination of charcoal and a black soft pastel. It could of turned out better but given my starting point I’m actually quite pleased that I have managed to draw something that looks quite good.

Afterwards I started scribbling with some charcoal, these scribbles reminded me of grasses at the seaside so this developed into a sea scene. I paint a lot of seascapes but this is the first time I’ve ever drawn one and i’m thrilled with how it’s turned out. I used gentle strokes of charcoal to make the waves, graphite pencil to draw the sky and cliff and soft pastel to draw some sand in the foreground.

Tomorrow I’m going to have a look at ways other artists have used these media and others to draw different things. For day one though of a course I wasn’t confident in taking I’m really pleased.

Now to bed